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Saving With Steve

Apr 18, 2021

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Brad Galbraith, an attorney, CPA, and creator of, along with Chief Valuation Officer, Polina Ryshakov, and Chief Marketing Officer, Shane Steele, of Sundae.


Last year in the state of California alone, over 663,000 people moved out of state to states with lower or no state taxes. The same thing is happening to all high-tax states like New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and more. The reality is a state like California doesn’t want to lose your tax dollars and will do everything to keep you paying, so it’s important to learn how to pass your state’s domicile test.


My first guest today, Brad Galbraith, is an attorney, CPA, and creator of He joins us today to discuss how every state has its own test for domicile and why failing to pass the test comes at a very high price.


Brad shares how ignoring your current state’s laws regarding domicile could lead to unnecessary stress, audits and income tax, and estate tax claims by your current state even after you have attempted to change your domicile. He also talks about five things to consider before changing your domicile, how to change your state’s registry, and how to defend against an audit in reference to your domicile state.


Despite the uncertainty of a post-pandemic economy, Sundae is making it easier for investors to buy properties and create competition to drive up prices for homeowners. Sundae is the only marketplace that connects homeowners that are looking to sell their property as-is to the largest network of vetted local investors to ensure that they receive the highest possible offer.


My second guests, Polina Ryshakow and Shane Steele, Chief Valuation Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Sundae, join us today to provide insight on what's been going on with the real estate market during the pandemic, how long they think this market will last, and the predatory games that are played by many real estate investor networks.


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