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Saving With Steve

Jun 12, 2021

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by authors and Doctors Carole Robin and David Bradford who have taught interpersonal skills to MBA candidates for a combined seventy-five years and have coached and consulted hundreds of executives for decades, and Morgen Henderson, an analyst at Choice Mutual and Independent Final Expense Co. They discuss:


- How to break through superficial interactions and get real and vulnerable

- How to create deep and meaningful connections with people in every aspect of life

- The damage that technology is having on our ability to connect

- Why we are losing close connections in our lives and what can we do about it

- The benefits of expressing our feelings and how it helps strengthen our relationships

- Why “why” questions are so challenging when it comes to connecting with someone, and what questions we should ask instead

- The characteristics of a successful relationship and what we can do to cultivate them in our own relationships

- How the pandemic has affected the way we interact with co-workers and build relationships

- Seniors (55+) and their experiences with relationships and dating in 2021

- What dating is like for seniors today and what they value most in a relationship

- Relationship misfortune among people over 55+

- Where seniors typically meet new people and what the best apps are for dating and finding love


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