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Saving With Steve

Aug 14, 2021

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Former U.S. Representative, Dennis Kucinich, and Vacation Rental Expert, Christina VanDergrift. They discuss:


- The division of light and power and the current situation with utilities in America

- A political battle that is more relevant today than ever, given corporate influence over government decisions at all levels

- Why utility monopolies in Texas, California, Illinois, and Ohio have crushed consumers with sky-high rates, price gouging, and criminal behavior

- Why utility bills and taxes are so high and who is really making the decisions affecting their social and economic life

- A road map showing how a principled approach to everyday life can empower each of us to find the courage to do the right thing

- All you need to know about owning a vacation rental with little to no money down

- How anyone can own, enjoy, and generate wealth from a vacation rental property regardless of budget, education, or experience

- How vacation rentals are more lucrative than traditional rentals for those that have the latter already


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