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Saving With Steve

Aug 21, 2021

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by serial entrepreneur and award-winning business plan strategist, Athan Slotkin, also known as “The Shadow CEO,” and Zach Zeller, the Co-Founder and President of ScriptCo Pharmacy, a membership-based pharmacy making prescription medications more affordable for everyone. They discuss:


- How corporations are having a hard time filling jobs after the global health crisis left millions unemployed

- Why workers’ ideas of job security, and ultimately, the meaning of living and working has been completely redefined

- How our current uncertain economy is driving people towards self-employment

- Where business beginners can get started and what businesses are needed right now

- 5 tips for new entrepreneurs looking to effectively start and scale a business from scratch

- How we can purchase prescription drugs at true wholesale prices and have them shipped right to our homes


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