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Saving With Steve

Jan 8, 2022

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Broker Associate and Real Estate Expert with the Premier Homes Team, Glen Henderson, who has been helping people buy and sell real estate for decades in San Diego, California, and Chris Klesh, a Travel Guru, Corporate Wellness Expert, and leading expert on vacation ownership systems, knowing the best travel deals available and utilizing that knowledge for maximum customer benefit. They discuss:


- Merging trends that could make or break a real estate experience

- 5 components for selling a house for the most money possible.

- Insider tips and tricks for traveling and going on dream vacations without breaking the bank

- The benefits of travel and leisure on our health, wellness, and overall happiness

- The key safety concerns for travel in the “new normal environment

- The best resources for getting the most current information for travel deals

- How travel will change in the next 12 months

- The top 3 tips for families to save the most money on their travel


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